Mediumship and Psychic Readings

Mediumship is the gift of connecting with loved ones who have passed over to the Spirit world through a medium (such as myself). I believe in the afterlife ('life after life'), the existence of a divine spirit, and that love is eternal. In other words, we are never truly separated from those who we love, even if they pass over.
Psychic readings offer insight into you and aspects of your life. The most popular type of psychic reading is a tarot reading - tarot cards help me to unlock guidance regarding past, present and possible future opportunities. The future is not however set in stone and the reading can help you bring about positive change.
The cost is £40 for a one-to-one reading lasting approximately 50-55 minutes. I also offer joint readings for two people - the cost for these is £60 for a session lasting around 90 minutes. In both cases, readings can include mediumship, psychic/tarot, or a combination of the two - it's entirely up to you.

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