Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni is a relatively new healing modality that involves linking in to the higher healing vibrations of the Angelic realm. As with Reiki, a minimum of 2 sessions is recommended. Rahanni is very potent but also highly relaxing. The cost for a face-to-face Rahanni healing session lasting approximately 30-40 minutes is £40. I also offer distant healing sessions for Rahanni.
If you are interested in learning how to practice Rahanni, I offer one-to-one tuition for Level One Rahanni at a rate of £150. This includes the training, which is done over the course of a day, an extensive manual and a pendant which contains the two main Rahanni crystals Moldavite and Morganite.
I also offer tuition for Level Two Rahanni at a rate of £250. This will enable you to fine-tune what you have learnt for Level One as well as enabling you to attune and teach Rahanni to others.

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